Project Unreal Estate (Ongoing)

This is an ongoing research and development project to explore the possibility of a virtual extension of the real economy (“Unreal Estate”), as a means to combat resource scarcity (e.g. real estate shortages in Europe). In addition, Unreal Estate is open to welcome commercial interests, professionals, and consumers to perform their economic activities digitally, without the costs associated with doing so using physical means.

With a free account on Unreal Estate, businesses can quickly erect commercial buildings. Professionals can log in and spawn directly to their virtual offices where they can work in teams or solo, while making full usage of the virtual objects found in their shared environment. In a sense, Unreal Estate can be thought of as a virtual equivalent of Lower Manhattan, a first-personMMORPG” meant for serious usage in a commercial, professional, and consumer context and it is the first of its kind.

With this project, DBN Elite aims to become home to the world’s largest and most detailed economic and psychological datasets, thanks to Unreal Estate’s potential as the world’s most comprehensive and direct-access source of data mining.

August 2020 Update: Following constructive dialogue with HELP, this project has added a specification to its design goals aimed to enhance labor productivity, and in turn, the ability of ordinary hard-working families to bargain for higher wages and working conditions. This new “Noble Tech” specification would entail a plugin market within Unreal Estate, similar in concept to an app store. In addition to entertainment value, the plugins would serve the purpose of enhancing the performance skilled tasks.

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