Project Excellence (Ongoing)

Aristophobia and erronormativity

Credits: DBN Elite, 2020

This is an ongoing research project to understand the possible psychopathologies behind aristophobia and erronormativity. Studies will examine the propensity of aristophobes (socio-sexual subversives & errophiles) to deconstruct sexual and material norms, as well as the hypothesis that their deconstruction is a coping mechanism for feelings of alienation and inadequacy.

In addition, DBN Elite will look into the clinical utility of the socio-sexual subversive and errophile personality constructs, as well as the therapeutic value of recognizing the presence of the constructs at life-inhibiting levels, namely Socio-Sexual Subversion Disorder (S3D) and Errophilic Personality Disorder (EPD) as defined below:

Errophilic Personality Disorder

  • Prone to being a victim of Socio-Sexual Subversives
  • Obsession with the use of semantics to blur correctness and wrongness
  • Inability to remember facts that contradict preconceived notions
  • Compulsion to accept any information that originates from a source that is perceived (by the errophile) as credible
  • Compulsion to accept any information that is perceived (by the errophile) as a widely held belief
  • Propensity to hold views that contradict each other
  • Sexual condescension against anyone who holds contradictory views
  • Tendency (in errophilic men) to form sexually obsessive and submissive relationships with women under the pretense of friendship, to compensate for the inability to have sexual access and to cope with the jealousy of men who do
  • Tendency (in errophilic women) to bait sexual attention and submission from men with the pretense of genuine sexual interest, to compensate for the inability to have romantic commitment from men who are held in high regard by other women and to cope with the jealousy of women who do

Socio-Sexual Subversion Disorder

  • Incessant pattern of predatory behavior against victims of Errophilic Personality Disorder
  • Promotes disgusting behaviors (usually of a sexually perverted nature) as a form of intellectual and scientific enlightenment
  • Deep desire to be a repeat provider of anything addictive (i.e. gambling, sex, drugs, pornography, and more) often using a free sample as bait.
  • Dangerous power-seeking behaviors, typically using threats such as blackmail (usually of a sexual nature) 
  • Compulsion to normalize psychologically or physically harmful sexual activities
  • Obsession with disgust-provoking humor, especially of a sexual nature
  • Propensity to attribute fictional subconscious sexual motivations to regular activities
  • Predatory business practices, especially of an anti-competitive or sexual nature
  • Extreme chronic anxiety due to the fear of being found out
  • Communication style designed to “blend in” to avoid being found out
  • In-group preference (or supremacist ideation) for fellow socio-sexual subversives
  • Pretense of intellectualism, brilliance, benevolence, and victimhood
  • Condescension against victims who speak out against socio-sexual subversives
  • Inability to take responsibility and resorting to victimhood narratives when found out

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