In collaboration with the 🥇 Multi-Award-Winning Clinic Dr. Bita (CDB),
DBN Elite is proud to present its

Coaching Certificate in Applied Clinical Therapy (ACT)

DBN Elite, we believe that it is the professor’s responsibility to make the case for the truthfulness, relevance, importance, and real-world applications of the subject material. This is why we insist on offering courses developed by people who have proven themselves in the real world. The opportunity to obtain an education by such experts allows aspiring students to receive unique theoretical and practical advantages. Employers like CDB pay close attention to candidates whose CVs demonstrate a proper education by industry experts.

DBN Elite’s ACT Program is an excellent opportunity for individuals to either begin their journey into the field or enrich their pre-existing knowledge. This program offers 3 levels depending on the student’s previous educational and practical experience. Courses include, but are not limited to, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Ethical Comprehension and Application in Practice, and more.

ACT Program Levels:

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Why choose the ACT Program?
Upon completion, the student can practice as:

➔ A.C.T. Counselor

➔ A.C.T. Coach

➔ EAP Therapist

➔  CBT / DBT Therapist


Interested in furthering your education in Psychotherapy?

➔ This program’s Courses & Practicum can be used as a prerequisite for several Colleges’ requirements, such as the Ordre des Psychologues et Psychothérapeutes du Québec.



  • Opportunity for career transition into the mental health field and/or for existing mental health students who wish to advance their practical skills
  • Led, taught & individually tailored by Dr. Bita, psychologist of 20 years & CDB founder
  • Hybrid teaching platform: Can be offered In-person & virtually or only virtually
  • Includes both Theory & Practicum
  • Intensive
  • Semi-Structured
  • Ready to practice under supervision after 4 months
  • Full Certification Within 10 Months
  • Supervised by a psychologist and other senior therapists
  • Graduate level courses which can be accredited for a Masters’ programs and/or for permit requirements with the College of Psychologists
  • Accredited Practicum Hours
  • Possible employment within CDB’s team of mental health professionals
  • Direct client contact
  • Personalized & Tailored Approach
  • Professional growth opportunity
  • Clinical focus
  • Small groups allowing for one-on-one training

What to Expect:

  • Graduate-level OPQ-pre-approved courses
  • Opportunity for students to start, advance and accelerate their Psychotherapy permit application and for other regulatory bodies (additional conditions may apply)
  • OPQ/CPO/CRPO recognized Practicum hours (additional conditions may apply)

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