The Applied Clinical Therapy Certificate – ACT 1 Description

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Certificate Description

This certificate was developed by the Montreal-headquartered multi-award-winning Clinic Dr. Bita (CDB). Since 2011, CDB has proudly helped hard-working Canadian families in Ontario and Quebec to overcome the West’s tragic crisis of family breakdown with couples therapy. The course is a product of scientific literature and CDB’s real-world experience.

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Welcome to the A.C.T.1</span,> course description.

The ACT program allows students to learn the basics in preparation for their introduction into the counseling field. Once completed, further courses can be offered for specializations in fields such as Couples/Family Counseling, Organizational Settings, Executive Coaching & Communications.

The certificate can be found here: Here ; access is restricted to students who purchase it. To view the calendar, click below to expand. In the event of a browser incompatibility, a download link can be found below.


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