Excellence is the way. Perfection is the goal. 

At DBN Elite, learning is not the end in itself; it is a means to achieve excellence and the first step to perfection.

This is the educational philosophy of an aristodemy: an online higher-learning institution for people of excellence.

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Research & Courses

A wide range of subjects.

The subjects include but are not limited to the following.




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Aristodemic Learning Approach

The learning approach employed in aristodemia differs in subtle but impactful ways from that of academia. In an aristodemy, the onus is on the professor to convince the student of what is being taught, rather than flooding students with trivial information that will be forgotten, once final exams are done.

Whatever the topic may be, the professor is expected to make the case for the truthfulness, relevance, importance, and real-world consequences of the subject material. Most importantly, the course material is expected to relate back to the student’s worldview.

Using real-world cases as examples to emulate, an aristodemy expects to inculcate its students with excellence in their fields.



Frequently Asked Questions

 These do not substitute our terms.

How do I access a course?

At the same URL you purchased it. Restrictions will be removed.

Will I be certified?

If you pass your course, you will receive a certificate.

Are the courses accredited?

Some courses are accredited, and those who are indicate that to be the case.

How can I teach a course?

Assuming you have the necessary qualifications, you will need to create a course and send it to us for approval.

Can I cite your research?

Our research is valid source material once it is completed and peer-reviewed.

Will I be refunded?

If there is an error with your order, you will be refunded.

Who do I contact for course-related questions?

Your professor. Contact information will be included in the course material.

Who do I contact for admin-related questions?

Please, use our contact form.

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